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Northeastern Division
Wulf Road East
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 394-4540/1
(242) 377-8213
(242) 394-4542
  Fax (242)  
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History of the Northeastern Division
The Wulff Road Police Station first opened its doors to the public during June of 1994.  The structure was initially used as a bank, the People’s Penny Savings Bank, which accommodated the banking needs for many people.   

The station was opened under the able leadership of then Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr. Conrad Sweeting.  A.S.P. Sweeting, along with approximately twenty (20) officers, were challenged with the responsibility of policing an area which included large portions of the population of New Providence, in particular, the majority of businesses and more affluent areas. 
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Though the station was only recently established and all the resources were not immediately put in place, these officers, under the guidance of the Officer-in-Charge, responded to and dealt with complaints and criminal activity within their area. During July of 1994, the station was assigned a Secretary, who ably assisted in the clerical procedures of this newly formed station.  Shortly after the Wulff Road Police Station became fully established and functional, the North Eastern Division was developed, which included the Fox Hill Police Station; a sub-station of this Division. Combined, these two stations are responsible for the following areas of New Providence: bounded on the south by Robinson Road to Prince Charles Drive, on the east by the sea, on the west by Minnie Street to Wulff Road, west on Wulff Road to Centerville, north on Centerville to Shirley Street, east on Shirley street to Fowler Street, north on Fowler Street to Bay Street, east on Bay Street to the shoreline at Yamacraw Beach joining Prince Charles Drive. This area is one of the largest populated areas in New Providence.


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About the Northeastern Division

Command and Staff
The Division is currently under the command of Superintendent Theophilus Cunningham who is assisted by ASP. Anthony Curtis, who are complimented by a team of dedicated and committed officers.

Amount of Police Station under command
The North Eastern Division has a total of two stations as a part of its composition. These stations are located in the following areas: The Marathon Mall Police Substation, located at the Marathon Mall, Marathon Road and the Wulff Road Police Station located Wulff Rd. and Penny Savings Bank Lane.
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According to the Department of Statistics 2000 Census, approximately 23,780 people live within the North Eastern Division. This number represents about 10% of the population in New Providence. (Pop. In Nassau 210,832). Noteworthy is the fact that 25% or ¼ of the Population of the North Eastern Division is unemployed. The total no. of households according to the 2000 Census is 2,592.

The North Eastern Division can be described as having a densely populated commercial area bordered by several residential areas. These residential areas range from the ‘ghetto’ or high crime areas to the mid-socio economic level where most of the residents are either elderly and or retired living alone or families who are not home during the day.

In those areas considered at the lower end of the socio-economic strata, we find that drug use and drug selling, stealing from persons, selling and concealment of stolen property is prevalent. Persons from these areas target the commercial areas of Palmdale, Marathon Mall and the residential areas of Twynam/ Stevenson Subdivision, Murphyville, Shirley Slope and neighbouring cul-de-sacs. It is from these areas that articles are stolen or taken by some other ill means to sell or take personal possession of.

Because of an active business area and several residential areas the more popular crimes are Housebreakings that occur mainly during the day time, Shop Breaking during the nighttime and Armed Robberies during the day. Stolen vehicle is also of concern occurring sporadically mainly in the Marathon Area and Palmdale.


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Officer In-Charge