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Eastern Division
Elizabeth Estates Police Station Fox Hill Police Station
Prince Charles Drive St. Anns Drive off Bernard Road
(242)364-8996, 364-8959, 3648969 Station (242) 324-2030/324-6330
Officer-In-Charge (242) 364-1700  
Fax: (242)328-2996 Fax (242)328-6896
Fire Branch: (242) 324-2601  
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Character Certificates
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Fox Hill Police Station

History of the Eastern Division

The year 1986 ushered in a new era and many challenges for the Royal Bahamas Police Force, as the Department of Housing provided a mass number of houses for Bahamian citizens who were not able to afford their own home. After such time, and with the influx of new home owners, a proliferation of the amount of reports made to the Central Police Station, through its East Bay Branch, became a daunting task for officers to respond to calls in a timely fashion. 
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The Royal Bahamas Police Force along with the immediate communities within the Eastern Division, sought to have their matters resolved in an expeditious manner and made appeals to construct, build and house the now existing model which stands as safe haven for the citizenry of the Eastern District of the Island of The Bahamas. The facility was commissioned and named the “Elizabeth Estates Police Station” by Honourable Frank H. Watson M.P., and Deputy Prime Minster of The Bahamas, and Minster of National Security along with then Commissioner of Police B. K. Bonamy LLB. LVO on 18th March, 1999. The station’s daily operational role since 1999 was manned by a great succession of Commanders. This cadre of great men and women served their roles with distinction and began the solid infrastructure by which, the now administration are benefiting and expanding thereon, serving and providing extensive services to the public. The names of these individuals includes Assistant Commissioner of Police Ms. Juainita Colebroke (retired); Superintendent Mr. L. Weech – (retired); Chief Superintendent Mr. Emerick Seymour; Chief Superintendent Mr. Burkel Wright (retired); Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Shannondor Evans; Superintendent Mr. Sidney McPhee (retired); Chief Superintendent Mr. Bernis Pinder; Superintendent Mr. Elsworth Moss, and presently, Superintendent Mr. David Deveaux.  To-date its managerial structural chart comprises of one (1) Superintendent; two (2) Inspectors; seven (7) Sergeants; fifteen (15) Corporals; sixteen (16) Constables; (34) Reservists i.e. one (1) R/Inspector; five (5) R/Sgt’s; five (5) R/Cpl’s; twenty-three (23) R/Constables; and three (3) Civilians.


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 About the Eastern Division
The administration and staff, have prided themselves on its quick and lawful  apprehension of offenders;  along with ensuring  lawful behaviour; providing a safer community for residents and road users, through its information gathering processes; application of analytical techniques and wealth of skilled and knowledgeable officers.

The Division continues to grow at leaps and bounds as it’s assistance extends and provides a much wider range of services to the public which includes fire extinguishing services through its Fire Branch and criminal records certificates, through its Criminal Office. 
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The Eastern Division police a number of communities, comprising of a diversify populace with ethnic, social and vocational status. It’s areas comprise of: legislators, senior officials, managers, professionals, technicians and associates professionals, clerks, service workers, shop workers, market sales workers, skilled agriculture and fisheries workers, craft related trade workers, plant and machine operators, assemblers and elementary occupations. There are over 1, 267 homes within the 22 major neighbourhoods. The major neighbourhoods are: Twynam Heights; Elizabeth Estates Winton; Sea Gull Estates Camperdown Heights;Star Estates  Quail Roast Ridge; Port New Providence East Park Estates; Pine Yard Road Sea Breeze Estates; Treasure Cove Yamacraw; Claridge Close Haitian Community; College Garden Hanna Road; Sandilands Village Lamamba Lane; Eastern Estates


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Businesses and Community Partnerships
The Eastern Division has a total of fifty-three (53) businesses, two (2) major food stores, i.e. Super Value and City Meat Market, and two micro mini stores, i.e. Budget Food Store and Kenneth’s Food Store.  There are twenty (24) churches of various denominations i.e:  Anglican, Baptist, Non-Denominational, Methodist, Pentecostal; and Apostolic. There are a total of eight schools within the Eastern Policing District;  One (1) public primary school namely Thelma Gibson and seven (7) private schools.
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There are also three (3) registered colleges in the area, namely: Church of God Theological Institute; Galilee College and the Institute of Business and Commerce (IBC). Community partners within the Eastern Policing district vary and comprises of the Elizabeth Estates Family Life and Community Center, (which offers a wide range of services including: burial assistance, counseling advice and information for families, day care services, food services, investigations and follow-up of distress matters, medical services, and retirement benefit); Elizabeth Estates Library; Thelma Gibson Primary School; Texaco and Shell Service Stations; Eastern Division Pastor’s Association and respective churches; Business and Home OwnersAssociation; and retired professionals within the area. Gleniston Gardens; St. Andrew’s Beach Colony Village; Eastwood Estates


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Supt. Elaine Sands
Officer In-Charge


Through improved services, training and development, we seek to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the Fox Hill District. We shall achieve this through Community Partnership, Intelligence Led Policing, Strategic Stop and Searched to eradicate crime and the fear of crime.

The Fox Hill Division is located on St. Anns Drive, Fox Hill and is under the command of SuperintendentRobert Sherman-Young. The Division is bounded on the west by Village Road, southwest by Bernard Road to St. Augustine’s College.  South by Prince Charles Drive all the way southeast to Eastwood, south by Camperdown, Hillview and Winton Estates and north by the Eastern Road.