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Wanted byThe Central Detective Unit Reference To

Assault W/A Weapon

RBPF Most Wanted

Lamount Johnson
29 yrs old
Last Known Address: College Gardens
The suspect is wanted by the Central Detective Unit for ASSSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON. COMPLEXION HEIGHT- 5'8" WEIGHT- 140lbs BUILD- Slim

  • Lamount Johnson should be considered ARMED and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! 
  • NEVER attempt to apprehend a suspect yourself.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of any of these suspects, please contact POLICE EMERGENCY at 919 OR 911, CRIME STOPPERS at (242) 328-8477, C.D.U at (242) 502-9930/ 9991, POLICE CONTROL ROOM at (242) 322-3333 or The Nearest Police Station, 24 hours a day.
  • All information would remain strictly anonymous.

Last Modified- January 1st, 2012