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The Bahamas Police Academy Training Schools

The Police Training College is the premier provider of law enforcement training and education in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It is comprised of four training schools and the Cadet Corps programme with unique responsibilities. Consistent with the Commissioner's Policing Plan, the primary role of the Training College is to conduct training of the highest quality to law enforcement officers.

Recruit Training School
The recruit training school is responsible for the recruit training programme which is a 24 week programme that is designed to provide police recruits with the basic skills needed to perform their duties as Police Officers. The programme encompasses a bifocal approach to training incorporating both practical and theoretical policing techniques. Core elements of the programme is divided into the following units: Applied Police Science, Firearms, Defensive Driving, Defensive Tactics, Computer Studies, Languages (Creole) Drill, Deportment and Tactical Exercises, First Responders/First Aid, Swimming and Life Saving and Physical Fitness.

In-Service Training School
The In-Service Training School offers developmental courses to police officers desirous of further enhancing their policing capabilities. The coursed are geared to provide participants with the necessary skills, knowledge and values required to perform competently at their level. Courses range from constable development, corporals’ initial course, sergeants initial course, sub officers course, inspectors’ management and assistant superintendents’ management courses.

Detective Training School
This school has responsibility for the training of all detectives within the force. The school offers courses that are designed to develop and prepare Officers to take criminal investigations from a knowledge base to a skill base. It is geared to improve performance in reducing recorded crime. Participants are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to supervise crime scenes, value forensic evidence, interview victims, witnesses and suspects and conduct investigations in an ethical and professional manner in addition to presenting evidence in court. Courses offered consist of the initial detective, sexual offences investigation, initial and advanced scenes of crime, intelligence gathering and analysis, enquiry officers and intermediate detective course.

Specialist Training School
This school caters mostly to the practical/tactical training of officers to enable them to conduct specialized tasks within the Force. Courses include but are not limited to, physical fitness, drill and deportment, defensive tactics, initial firearms training, initial defensive driving, 9mm pistol training, firearms recertification, handcuffing and suspect control, and vehicular stop and search.

Cadet Corps Programme
The purpose of the Cadet Corps is to provide a system of identifying well-motivated high school students and to supply them with the educational, physical and social development required so as to possess the potential to become good Police Officers. The cadets are required to partake in a work schedule which consists of classes in various subject matters, community service, drill and physical exercise. Upon completion of high school, cadets either enroll in the College of the Bahamas or enlist in the Police recruit training programme.