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ACP Ismella Davis-Delancy Participates in Read-a-Thon Mentorship Program at Majorie Davis School
Posted on November 2, 2017
by RBPF Public Affairs and Communications Office


On Tuesday 31st October, 2017, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ismella Davis-Delancy along with Chief Superintendent of Police Maxine Leary-Rolle assisted by Corporal 2198 Loretta Munroe and Corporal 2717 Anton Curry,participated in the Read-a-Thon Mentorship Program held at the Marjorie Davis Institute for Special Education School located Deveaux Street.

A number of books including the book called Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni were read to the Level 2 students in which they thoroughly enjoyed. They were given a handout on Halloween and Fireworks Safety Tips and then treated to some treats afterwards.


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