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Southwestern Division
Carmichael Road
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 361-0480 thru 4

  Detective Unit: (242) 361-1049  
View Map of Division Fax: (242) 361-0303

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Carmichael Road Police Station located on Carmichael Road and Flamingo

History of the Southwestern Division
The Carmichael Road Police Station was officially opened on March 26, 1991 by the Honorable Paul. Adderley M.P., Minister of National Security under the Commissionership of Mr. B.K. Bonamy. The Carmichael Road Police Station was once under the Southern Division. Shortly after its official opening the station became a division on its own. The Division has had many Commanders over the last  nineteen years, namely Mr. Conrad Sweeting (Retired Superintendent), Mr. Henry Thurston (Retired Superintendent), Mr. Roderick Coakley (Retired Superintendent), Mr. Marvin Dames Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Lincoln Cartwright ( Assistant Superintendent - Deceased), Mr. Wellington Francis (Retired Superintendent), Mr. Ronnie Bannister (Retired Assistant Superintendent), Mr. Michael Barnett (Superintendent of Police),  Mrs. Sheila Armbrister(Superintendent- Deceased) Mr. Perry Newton (Retired Superintendent) Mr. Teddy McDonald (Retired Superintendent) Mr. Osborne Ferguson (Retired Chief Superintendent) Mr. Frank St-Remy (Retired Superintendent) Mr. Prince Smith (Superintendent of Police) and Mr. Wayne Miller (Superintendent of Police).

On February 16, 2009 Chief Superintendent Steven Seymour took over duties as the fifteenth Commander of the Carmichael Division.

The Southwestern Division is presently under the command of Superintendent Wayne Miller assisted by Assistant Superintendent Lula Dean.

Since the inception of the Carmichael Division which was known as the farming district of New Providence, it has grown not only as the largest policing district with residents, but also with commercial business establishments.  The last census of the area noted more than 100 communities/ subdivisions in the area.


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