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Central Division
Central, Paradise Island, Potters Cay, Nassau Street, Fort Charlotte and Arawak Cay Police Stations, Tourism Patrol Unit
Officer-In-Charge (242) 322-3114 View Map of Central Division

About the Central Division
The Central Division is the largest Division in the Royal Bahamas Police Force and perhaps the most active. It is headed by Superintendent Ashton Greenslade who is assisted by ASPs Bernard Bonamy, Ernest Hanna, Mario Johnson, Patrick Johnson, and Inspector Elvis Ramsey; who has the responsibility of policing their respective sub-station and departments within the Division.

The Central Division is responsible for policing various government buildings, courts, banks and the U.S.Embassy and is responsible for the area bounded on the west by the eastern side of Prospect Ridge Road and Goodmans Bay. On the south by Sanford Drive (northern side) an imaginary line leading straight across to Boyd Road, on to Meadow Street, Chapel Street on the Northern Side to Market Street north on Market Street to Ross Corner, to Gibbs Corner north side of the street on to Collins Avenue west side, to Shirley Street north side to Fowler Street to East Bay Street to the sea (west side) including Paradise Island.

Stations and Sub-Stations

Central Police Station
East Street North
(242)328-5407/ 328-5381/2
Commander- Superintendent
Leamond Deleveaux

Tourism Patrol Unit
Bay Street
(242) 322-4000/ 326-2058
Deputy Commander- Assistant Superintendent

Paradise Island Police Station
Paradise Island
(242)363-3011/ 363-4762/6
Deputy Commander- Assistant Superintendent

Potters Cay Dock Police Station
Potter Cay Dock, Under the Paradise Island Bridge
Officer-In-Charge- Inspector

Nassau Street Police Station
Nassau/South Street
(242) 356-5723/ (242) 356-5140-2

Arawak Cay Police Station
Arawak Cay
Officer-In-Charge- Assistant Superintendent

Fort Charlotte Police Station
West Bay Street

Deputy Commander- Assistant Superintendent


Stephen Dean
Chief Supt. Leamond Deleveaux