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Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependant's Trust
"Assisting the Dependants of Deceased and Incapacitated Police Officers"

The Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependants' Trust (The Trust) was established in 1993.

It was registered as a Charitable Trust on June 26, 1996 in accordance with the provisions of the Registrations of Record Acts Chapter 193 and can be found in the Registrar General's Records volume 6706, Pages 377 to 395.

The Trust was the brainchild of a permanent resident who wanted to make a contribution in his newly adopted country of residence. A substantial contribution was received in 1993 and an annual contribution has been received thereafter.

The Patron of the Trust is the Governor General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas


  1. Assisting on the basis of need, the dependants of Police Officers* who have died as a result of injuries sustained during the course of duty;
  2. Assisting Police Officers who have become incapacitated as a result of physical or mental injury sustained during the course of duty and the dependants of such officers.
*Members of the Police Force, Local, District and Special Constable, Beach and Traffic Wardens, Police Reserves, Supernumerary Police Officers and Police Cadets.

The Trust comprises a Board of Trustees and a Management Committee.


  • Dr. Judson F. Eneas - Chairman
  • Hon. Justice Emmanuel Osadabey (Ret-Deputy Chairman)
  • His Excellency Ellison E. Greenslade, QPM, MBA
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police
  • Mr. Gilbert Lloyd
  • Mr. Grafton Ifill, QPM, Retired Assistant Commissioner, Royal Bahamas Police Force
  • Mr. Clifford A. Johnson-Deputy Chairperson Fund-Raising
  • Mr. Kenwood N. Kerr- Executive Chairman, Police Staff Association (Ex-Officio)

Management Committee

All Trustees and....

  • Mr. John Dorrance III
  • Mrs. Caroline Major- Investigation Officer

How do we assist?

  1. Provide financial assistance for the continued education of the children of police officers
  2. Make donations to relieve short-term financial hardships.
  3. Direct dependants to agencies of the Government for long term non-financial assistance.

However, it is assisting with the continued education of the children of police officers that is our largest project. Presently, we are providing financial assistance (tuition or allowance) to twenty-one (21) children of deceased or incapacitated police officers; fifteeen (15) are in primary or secondary school and six (6) in tertiary level institution.

This is a long-term commitment and the Trust seeks to meet this obligation by appealing to the public for support. The Trustees are grateful for the response from individuals and businesses and we encourage you to continue your generous giving to this very worthy cause.

If you have not donated previously, the Trustees hope that you will consider the work of the Trust to be deserving of favourable consideration.

How can you help?

  • By making regular financial contributions to the Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependant's Trust
  • By responding positively to direct mail solicitations
  • By supporting other fund-raising projects of the Trust.
  • By adding the Trust to your list of approved charities and giving generously thereto.

Why support the trust?

The members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, daily, put their lives on the line to protect the residents of the Bahamas. Unfortunately, there are times when the worse happens, (death of disability) and innocent children are left without a mother or father to give them the necessities of life.

The Trust cannot ever completely fill the void created by untimely death or disability of a parent, but can contribute towards the creation of avenues that allow the children to grow up to be productive citizens.

The Trustees see their responsibility as a most important one, but need the assistance of the community to fulfill this responsibility.

Contributions may be sent to

The Secretary
Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependant's Trust
P.O.Box N-458
Nassau, Bahamas


The Account of
Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependants' Trust
First Caribbean International Bank
P.O.Box N-8350
Nassau, Bahamas


-From Inside the Bahamas
Transit No. 29067
Account Name: Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependants'Trust
Account No. 1894670
First Caribbean JFK Branch

-From Outside the Bahamas
Account name: The Royal Bahamas Police Force Dependants' Trust
Account No.1894670
First Caribbean JFK Branch