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The Royal Bahamas Police Force encourages persons to report all criminal activity , serious accidents, fire and emergencies by dialing 911 or 919.

A 911 emergency is any situation that requires immediate police presence, fire or medical response to preserve life or property. It includes incidents such as fire, assault or immediate danger of assault, serious injury or illness, a crime in progress, a person choking, a fight, any incident involving weapons or a drowning.

You can call 919 free from any cellular or paid phone.


  • Someone breaking into your home now (if you come home and see a door or window forced open, do not go in—find a nearby phone and call 911), or breaking into a neighbor's home
  • Business intruders
  • All fires
  • A shooting
  • All medical emergencies
  • Any crime that is in progress
  • A traffic accident involving injury
  • A person screaming
  • A person choking
  • A fight or display of weapons
  • All serious violent crimes—homicide, robbery, sexual assault, domestic violence, assault—even if the crime is no longer in progress or the offender has left the scene 
  • Seeing a criminal you know is wanted by the police

It is critical that you provide the police dispatcher with information that is as accurate and complete as possible. Try to remain calm, and speak slowly and clearly. While the information you provide will vary with the incident, there are some critical details that will be required in almost every instance. These include:

  • A brief description of the crime 
  • Time of occurrence 
  • Exact location (including street and unit/apartment numbers, if applicable)
  • Extent of injuries or property damage, if any 
  • Description of any suspects: gender, race, height, weight, clothing, hair color/style, facial hair, scars/marks/tattoos 
  • Weapons used, including a description 
  • Description of suspect vehicle: make/model, color 
  • Direction of flight: down what street/alley; on foot, bicycle or motor vehicle

Remember to give the dispatcher your phone number- especially if you are calling from a wireless phone—so that the police can call you back if they need additional information.


When calling for an ambulance, there are six bits of information that will be asked. They are:

  1. What is your address?
  2. What is your telephone number?
  3. What is your emergency?
  4. What is the patient's age?
  5. Is the patient conscious?
  6. Is the patient breathing?

Please remember to answer all questions clear and precise, and DO NOT hang up the phone until you are asked to do so.

Emergencies are always given priority.
All payement for EMS Service's must be made to A&E Business Office or The Main Business Office.