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“To make The Bahamas a safer place to live, work, visit, and play.”

Our Mission:
“Working together for a safe Bahamas”


  • Maintenance of Law and Order
  • Preservation of the peace
  • Prevention and Detection of Crime
  • Apprehension of Offenders
  • Enforcement of Laws

“To Fulfill our mandate for policing The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, in partnership with all citizens, residents, and visitors, by serving them with Care, Respect, and Trust.”

RBPF Statement of Common Purpose and Values

The Royal Bahamas Police Force, in partnership with all citizens, residents and visitors, exists to provide quality law enforcement service, with emphasis on the maintenance of law and order, the preservation of peace, the prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement of all laws with which it is charged.

We shall perform our duties in a manner which respects individual human rights and which reflects fairness, sensitivity and compassion. Yet, we shall act in firm pursuit of all offenders of our laws, so as to ensure a safe and just society, where neither crime nor the fear of crime adversely affects the quality of life.

We shall accomplish these goals with a high degree of professionalism, through leadership and teams of individuals who are competent, ethical and dedicated. We shall discharge our duties with courage, integrity and loyalty and, being ever mindful of a changing environment, with a willingness to embrace justified criticism and the need for change.