Also during this decade, on two separate occasions, the leadership of the Force came under intense scrutiny.  The first situation occurred in 1962 with regard to Commissioner Weymss.  A Commission of Inquiry was organized to investigate unsavory allegations about the character of the Commissioner.  The Inquiry revealed that the allegations were false.  The unpleasant experience prompted the Commissioner to leave the force and the Bahamas in 1963. 

The second incident, in 1967, concerned Commissioner Nigel Morris.  In this case, a Commission of Inquiry was appointed to investigate the operation of casinos in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  There was apparent concern about the credibility of the operators,  During the investigation, it was discovered that Commissioner Morris had purchased real estate from the casino operators at a remarkably low price.  According to the Commission, he had accepted a favour, thereby weakening the effectiveness of his office.  As a result of the situation, he resigned in July 1968.